Cooking over an outdoor fire and sharing great food with your family and friends is an American tradition. The aroma of your meat sizzling over woods like hickory, alder, maple or mesquite is beyond comparison - and not to mention serving up amazing food makes you the barbeque champ.

Wood Fired Taste, Wood Fired Ease

Gas grills don't do it; charcoal is as messy as messy can be. Grilla uses pellet bio-mass fuel made from recycled hardwood sawdust, which is formed into clean burning wood pellets. This reduces landfill waste, turning a waste by-product into a useable fuel product.

The truth - and the taste - is, that the best barbequing is done naturally over a wood fire - not propane or natural gas. Smoked food from a propane grill just doesn't taste the same. Plus, propane cooks too hot to provide authentic barbeque flavor and dries out your food. Read more on wood fired taste here.

Cooking with Wood

You've probably tasted hickory smoked BBQ or wood fired pizza, but there's never been an easy way to bring that taste to the backyard, until now. Hardwood taste is about the best there is - mesquite, hickory, and cherry, just to name a few! Cooking with hardwood has never been cleaner, easier or more convenient than now with the introduction of the wood pellet. By reducing pure hardwood to sawdust, and then compressing it into uniform, food-grade pellets, it is now possible to deliver precise amounts of hardwood into a Grilla Smoker-Grill to be burned in a controlled manner. When you make the switch from charcoal and propane to wood pellets, you open your backyard cooking experience to a whole new world of options - never possible before.

Grilla's Large Capacity Easy Access Hopper

Our specially designed pellet hopper has a huge 20 lb capacity. The tapered design keeps the pellets feeding down into the auger tube instead of getting stuck and causing your fire to go out.

Different Flavor, Different Pellet

Want hickory smoked pork chops? Mesquite salmon? We are the only manufacturer to build in a quick-change pellet clean-out door under the pellet hopper. Simply place a bucket under your hopper and open the trap door to release the pellets. You can add a new flavor with minimal effort!


For more information on wood pellets, check out the Approved Fuel: Wood Pellets section In the Operation Manual.


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