Here are some maintenance and cleaning tips to help keep your Grilla running and operating smoothly! It may be helpful to refer to the "Parts Diagram" in the Operation Manual to locate the parts on your Grilla discussed below. Your Grilla can run efficiently for extended periods of time and different heat output levels, as long as the fuel supply is uninterrupted and timely cleaning and maintenance is performed.

Please make sure your Grilla is shut off and cold before performing any maintenance or cleaning.


  • DO NOT use oven cleaner, abrasive cleansers or abrasive cleaning pads on the outside Grilla surfaces. Use warm soapy water to cut the grease.

Protecting Your Grilla

  • Use a protective cover on your Grilla after each use. Make sure Grilla is COMPLETELY COOL before covering. A Grilla Cover is highly recommended!
  • If the Grilla is stored outside, care should be taken to ensure water does not get into the Hopper. Wood pellets, when wet, expand and will jam the Auger.
  • Use touch-up paint to repair any scratches.
  • Grilla Covers and touch-up paint are available through your Grilla dealer.
  • You should thoroughly clean and inspect your Grilla on a regular basis.

Auger Removal/Installation

1. Unplug Grilla
2. Empty Hopper
3. Remove Maintenance Cover
4. Unplug Grill Auger Motor
5. Remove two Hex Nuts
6. Remove Auger Stop
7. Remove single screw at the bottom of the Auger Screw Assembly
8. Slide Auger Screw Assembly out
9. Reverse steps for re-installation, ensuring Auger Stop is between the 12 o'clock and 2 o'clock position when installed

Fire Pot Removal/Installation

1. Turn Grilla "Off"
2. Remove Lower Cooking Grate, Grease Can Holder and Flavor Disc
3. Loosen 2 Wing nuts and slide Igniter Handle back
4. Rotate Fire Pot 90° and lift up and out
5. Reverse steps to install and ensure the Igniter goes into the Fire Pot exposing the Igniter in the Fire Pot

Igniter Removal/Installation

2. Remove Wing Nuts completely, Igniter Bracket will drop
3. Reach into Fire Pot opening and remove bracket through opening
4. Pull wires out to expose connectors and unplug
5. Use Allen Wrench to loosen collar
6. Slide Cartridge Heater out
7. Contact your local Grilla dealer for replacement part (Refer to "Parts Diagram" in Operation Manual for part number)
8. Reverse steps for re-installation

Control Panel Removal

1. Unplug Grilla
2. Remove two screws holding Control Panel on and carefully remove

Rtd Replacement

1. Turn Grilla "Off"
2. Remove screw and nut on RTD Probe
3. Remove Control Panel (see "CONTROL PANEL REMOVAL" section)
4. Once Control Panel is removed loosen two screws holding the small white wires in place
5. From under the Hopper pull the wires down from Hopper
6. Then pull wires from inside of the Grilla
7. Reverse steps for installation

Viewing Glass/Flame Check Window Cleaning

1. You will periodically need to clean the viewing Glass in the Grilla flame check window
2. Unplug the Grilla and make sure it is COMPLETELY COLD
3. Remove Lower Cooking Grate, Grease Can Holder and Flavor Disc
4. Reach inside Grilla and wipe interior side of Glass with soap and water
5. Re-install Flavor Disc, Grease Can Holder, Lower Cooking Grate

If you need more assistance or have further questions, please contact your local dealer, refer to the Operation Manual, or contact us.


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